Nodefusion Cloud Backup


Cloud backup solution, fully managed by Nodefusion. Choose to store a secondary copy of your critical Cloud data in a dislocated Cloud repository, or on-premises (Bring your own Storage), for archiving, security and/or regulatory compliance purposes, and let us do the rest. Currently supporting Microsoft 365 data backup.


Are you using public cloud services, such as Microsoft 365? If so, remember that availability and integrity of your critical business information are not guaranteed by the service provider – only service availability is.

Also, in case of accidental or malicious data loss, restoration of data is possible only within a relatively short time window – between 14 and 65 days, depending on the data type.

Regulators may also require your organization to ensure long-term data retention, as well as retention of ex-employee data, which normally gets deleted automatically some time after deprovisioning of their cloud services.

In order to provide an additional layer of protection for your data and/or ensure regulatory compliance, the use of 3rd party data backup services is needed.

Nodefusion provides a turn-key Managed Cloud Backup solution, which seamlessly integrates with your existing Microsoft 365 tenant. No additional hardware infrastructure or software licenses are required, and neither are any system configuration or maintenance services.

If a business or regulatory restriction for business data storage locations exists, an existing S3-compatible storage repository of your choosing can be utilized as the backup data storage location. This can also be an on-premises system, which Nodefusion is also able to provide if needed.

Self-service access, including for data recovery, can also be made available to customers, if required.


    • Backup of data stored in Microsoft 365 (more services coming in the future)
    • Choose between storing data in the public Cloud, provided by Nodefusion, or Bring your own Storage (including S3-compatible on-premises or hosted systems)
    • Configurable data retention period
    • Proactive monitoring of regular and proper backup job execution
    • Managed and/or Self-Service data restoration
    • Turn-key solution delivery

The Nodefusion Advantage

    • We provide a worry-free Cloud-to-Cloud Backup service, with a simple per-user licensing model that aligns with typical public cloud service licensing. You can choose between several service levels, with different guaranteed response times, according to your organization’s needs.
    • Being IBM Storage specialists enables us to confidently size and deliver appropriate on-premises or co-located S3-compatible systems, such as IBM Cloud Object Storage, which can then serve as the repositories for your backed up data.
    • Nodefusion is also a trusted Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider, with more than 15 years of experience in the IT industry. Our deep knowledge of MS 365 technologies enables us to deliver a professional and smooth customer experience and provides us with the ability to adjust to rapid technology and market changes in order to meet and exceed customer expectations

Risks do exist, and according to the IBM Data Breach Report we found out that:

More than eight out of ten organizations have been victims of a ransomware attack.

83% of organizations studied have had more than one data breach.

On average it takes more than nine months for organizations to identify and contain a data breach.

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