IBM FlashSystem

Enterprise computer data storage systems that utilize flash memory chips. A perfect solution if you need more capacity and performance maximization in less rack space.

FlashSystem can help you to accelerate business execution, increase ROI, reduce costs, keep data safe and secure, and optimize storage efficiency.


  • IBM MicroLatency performance
  • Easy-to-use IBM Storwize family management interface
  • Public, Private or Hybrid Cloud
  • Running multiple applications, even in a multi-tenancy environment
  • Suitable for Data Lakes/Oceans, or high performance file storage

Cyber Resilience Redefined with IBM FlashSystem & Nodefusion

Cyber threats are a constant and rapidly growing threat. You’ve taken measures to detect and prevent attacks but still the possibility remains that an attacker could get through your defenses.

The IBM FlashSystem® Cyber Vault solution is designed to help accelerate cyberattack detection and recovery. IBM FlashSystem can deliver performance, cost efficiency, high availability, and consistent enterprise-class data services across hybrid cloud environments.

Change your mindset from prevention to incident preparation!

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IBM Spectrum Storage

A portfolio of storage products that enhance the speed and efficiency of your storage environment and simplify migrations.


  • Simple integration of storage management and data protection
  • Elastic scalability with high performance for analytics and big data
  • Data optimization with intelligent data tiering
  • Data delivery without borders with built-in hybrid cloud support
  • Open architectures that supports industry standards including OpenStack and Hadoop
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