About Us

Nodefusion is an international IT system integrator specialized in Hybrid Cloud solutions and Application Development.

Our Core Business is:

Planning, sale and implementation of IBM and Lenovo hardware solutions

Design and integration of IT systems based on Microsoft technologies

Cloud services

Development of software solutions for Microsoft platforms

Mission & Vision

Delivering customized solutions, with cutting-edge infrastructure and software technologies, that elevate performance, streamline processes, and enhance overall efficiency. By pursuing excellence, we are committed to creating an optimal IT environment for the betterment of businesses.



To lead the way in providing smart business solutions by fostering a culture of digital innovation and excellence that empowers people and organizations.

Core Values


Total dedication to accurately resolving our customers’ challenges in a timely and efficient manner. Deep technical knowledge and experience enables us to precisely focus on issues at hand, and their successful resolution.


Constant progress is challenging, but also necessary. With new ideas and the development of new solutions, we create values that raise businesses to a new level.


Perseverance is persistence in sticking to a plan. Continuing in a course of action, without regard to discouragement, opposition or previous failure.


By keeping our most valuable resource – people – motivated, we’re able to easily accomplish all our goals.


Helping organizations and teams to become and remain leaders in their industry. Improve people and processes using modern technology and business solutions. Doing business smart.


Commitment to our mission, vision and goals. Finding innovative ways to resolve the challenges. Providing the best of ourselves and delivering optimal outcomes.


By having the freedom to explore, the impossible is not a boundary – it’s a dare. We don’t limit our challenges; we challenge our limits.


  • Company establishment


  • Beginning of IT activities


  • Merging with DeltaBit


  • Expanding to the USA


  • Rebranding - from 3 PRO to Nodefusion


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