Nodefusion Supplier Agreement


Each Supplier quote must include:

  • Supplier company name and full address
  • Supplier VAT ID
  • Supplier contact email address
  • Validity period of the offer with commitment
  • Payment method: Bank transfer (SEPA or SWIFT) or via Bank card (VISA)
  • Payment terms: minimum 30 days after receipt of invoice
  • Price and currency including VAT details
  • Warranty information (conditions and expire date)
  • Specification of goods or services
  • Expected delivery date
  • For goods, shipment information including shipment price


When ordering, Nodefusion will send to Supplier via email:

  • The appropriate Nodefusion Purchase Order Number
  • Requested Ship-to location

Supplier must send via email to Nodefusion:

  • Order confirmation
  • Estimate delivery date
  • Shipment tracking number (if any)


  • Must be according to the supplier Quote and Nodefusion Order
  • Must contain Nodefusion Purchase Order Number
  • Serial numbers must be provided
  • Must be sent electronically via e-mail, as individual PDF files, and in a timely manner, to the defined Nodefusion procurement e-mail address
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